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  • Technology Solution
    For all Kind Businesses
    With more than 10 years of experience
    Hazedawn has developed more then hundred of IT projects
  • Breakout UI/UX design
    With the latest in programming language
    We listen to what client needs
    Building the right IT product for our clients
  • A Team
    With more then 10 years of experience & Hazedawn
    has developed more then hundred of IT projects
  • Hazedawn
    10x developer
    an exciting IT solution company with people from different disciplines.

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General Services

  • Ad Management Service
  • Google AdSense / AdOpts
  • HTML 5 Ad Development
  • Ad Design
  • 360 Production
  • Digital Marketing Consultant

IT Development Service

  • Fantastic Web/App Development
  • Wordpress Development
  • Plug-in Development
  • System Development
  • Web Revamp
  • E-Shop
  • RSS Feed / API Integrate
  • Self-Developed CMS :

Marketing Services

  • Offline to Online Promotion
  • Marketing Design & UI Design
  • 2D/3D Animation Production
  • Video Production
  • Photo Shooting
  • Social Media Ad Placement / Management
Hazedawn Services

What We Can Offer - General Services

We provide business promotion from online to offline. We also offer online sales-driven channels such as social media, Google ad network, article write-up and video production.
Hazedawn Services

What We Can Offer - Development Services Scope

We build tailor-made IT solutions such as custom CMS and RSS feed for our clients.
Hazedawn Services

What We Can Offer - Marketing Services Scope

We provide online promotion for local store / retail shop clients and promote special discount offers from online to offline.

Knowing the What

Knowing the intention of the work is the key to success.

Understanding the Why

Endowed with in-depth product vision, we are passionate for problem solving and product understanding.

Knowing the When

We are good at juggling priorities and we have good understanding on when to invest time into architectures versus slinging spaghetti code to make something work.

About Us

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Awards & Recognition
W3 Awards
Webby Awards
Mobius Awards

We have an experienced and dedicated team equipped with strong expertise on technical development, technological changes and industrial systems. We are committed to provide the best and most economical solutions to our valued customers.

With over 10 years of experience and technical knowledge, we aim to produce advanced industry solutions using various technologies. Our team of professionals and supporting personnel are ready to develop infrastructure related IT projects, general internal system and site revamping for our customers. We build what is right for our customers.

We are the mastering the What, Why & When
which makes us to be 10x Developers


Should I revamp my website?

If you are looking to expand your business, we recommend you to revamping your website. We offer Whatsapp API integration, social media integration and other services to build a better website for you based on your needs.

I’m having a problem with the ad display on my website!

We offer arrangement and better display for your ad placement. Ad placement is about displaying the right content on the right place.

I want to build an e-shop!

We offer a wide range of services from front-end development to backend database development. We offer the right CMS which suits your business best. We also help with online payment gateway from Paypal to braintrees.

Should I build an App?

Our services include building an app with hybrid or native which is iOS and android included. Please feel free to contact us for app demos.

I am a blogger and I want a website!

We have helped numerous bloggers build their ideal blogs. With the use of wordpress and Google blogspot, we also help to advise and manage their ad placement for their blogs.

I need a system for my company!

We have built internal systems for a number of companies including real estate business and duty free sales services. Tell us what you want and we will build a system which is tailor made for your company. According to the feedbacks from our clients, their daily workload was reduced by 20-30% with the use of the tailor made system

I am looking for an online ad to place on my website!

We help to apply Google AdSense account to generate the ad tag and ad placement of your website. This is the best way to help you generate revenue for your website!

I’m looking for a promotion!

We also help our clients on event management, event production and online promotion from offline to online.

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We are here to help your business getting the most of it.

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