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Hazedawn Fair Management System (HDFMS)

Hazedawn Fair Management System (HDFMS) , including web platforms and mobile apps, committed to providing our clients with comprehensive solutions to cater to their exhibitions and events, especially exhibitions, long-term exhibits, events, and thematic environments.

For web platforms, the content management system and online exhibitor portal are the two interfaces.

Content management system is the interface for admin and operators to manage and operate in HDFMS, operators are able to create and manage shows, users, exhibitors, sub-contractors and managing exhibitor orders.

  • show management
  • basic configuration management
  • user management
  • exhibitor management
  • pre-show management
  • online portal management
  • show operation

Online exhibitor portal enables exhibitors to log in to the portal to read the information of a show, make an order for their booth.

  • announcement
  • attachment download
  • rental service
  • booth design
  • online payment module
  • exhibition management
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For Mobile apps, it supports two types of operations.

The first type is Point of Sales (POS) , the staff is able to use the app to create an order for the exhibitor during the move-in period and on show.

  • account module
  • exhibitor management
  • operator announcement module
  • order listing

The second type is order management by the sub-contractor of the products can use the app to obtain order and update the order status by using the app.

  • sub-contractor order listing module
  • sub-contractor task management module
  • operator announcement module
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